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An introduction to many of the issues that other speakers plan to develop over the course of the Symposium.

“Designs Always Polychromed or Gilded”: the Aesthetics of Color in the Alhambra

Color, Symbolism, and the Mystic Quest: the Spiritual Exegesis of Color in Sufism in the Works of Henry Corbin

The Role of Economics, Geography and Tradition in the Artist’s Choice of Colors for Manuscript Painting

Some Observations on Color in Carpets

Blue Behind Gold: the Inscription of the Dome of the Rock and its Relatives

“I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”: Depictions of Majnun in Persian Illustrated Manuscripts

Why My Name is Red: “Ahmar,” “Surkh” and “Kirmizi” in the History of Islamic Art

Participants: Drs. Sheila Blair and Jonathan Bloom, Olga Bush, Samir Mahmoud, Cheryl Porter, Jon Thompson, Laurence Nees, Julie Scott Meisami, Marianna Shreve Simpson, and Noha Sadek.

Colors of Power and Piety in Rasulid Yemen

“The Battle of Colors”: Colors and Their Meaning in the Search for Political Legitimacy in the Islamic West

“Threads of Many Colors”: Islam, America, and the Visual Culture of Conquest

The Hues of Paradise–Examining Color Design Layout in the Persian Garden

Ceramics In or On the Building? The Relationships of Patrons, Architecture and the Consumer in the Development of Pottery and Tilework

Participants: Drs. Sheila Blair and Jonathan Bloom, Maribel Fierro, Michael Schreffler, Bernard O’Kane, Manu Sobti, Mohammad Gharipour.